How was Your Community day


Its thunderstorming where I am so I cant play…I do have a combusken to evolve, so I’ll be incensing to hopefully get a shiny or 2


Good luck!


CD was pretty nice. Good weather. 2 times about 30~60 second where everyone had connection issues but we all survived that.

290 caugth. 10 shinys. Not a very high rate, but its more than enough.
Bit dissapointed by the IV’s.
I had nothing great from before CD so i had hopes for catches and maybe a few trades from after. Results:

1 shiny Blaziken with 78% IV and 15 Attack. 1497 CP so thats pretty good for PVP.
1 lucky Blaziken with 91% IV and 15 Attack.
1 Blaziken with 96% IV and 15 Attack.

I evolved some more, but i dont think ill power those up.
Ill be giving my 2 100% IV’s Blaze Kick if they ever need it for a raid boss.


This was an amazing TORCHIC community day.


Good. My son and I went to the local Civil War battlefield. We saw a lot of people from our local Discord. I caught 7 Shinies and he got 2. We found all 3 new lures active, so we evolved all the Glaceons and Leafeons that we will probably ever need. I also evolved 2 Magnezones and 2 Probopasses.


20 shiny torchic, a giant pile of stardust. Everyone in the group was in double digits. Unfortunately the weather was windy in game so no bonus but still did very well today :smiley:


It was fantastic. 200+ catches, 12 Shinies, 135,000+ Stardust gathered, but the creme-de-la-creme was evolving my hundo into Blaziken, and getting the moveset I wanted right off the bat:


Only got to play the last hour of the day. 3/55 which I find is very amusing as the last few CD’s net me the same amount of Shiny with 3x as many catches in 3x the amount of time. No IV to get excited about.
Lamenting the 2hrs of 3x Dust missed out on as that’s all I was actually interested in the day for.


This CD is decent, 6 shiny, 200k dust gain, 1k Torchic candy gain without using 1 pinap on catching Torchic



It was okay it was very hot today managed to get two shinies and evolve my nosepass and trade for Lucky Blaziken overall good day


I didn’t actually take part this time because 1. I worked through half of it and 2. I wasn’t super hyped about it. Still landed two shinies anyway. lol


Did a mall walk CD this time to avoid the rainy weather. Results comparable to outdoors, slightly fewer spawns, slightly higher shiny rates, similar CP and IV results. Did the first hour and a half, and when my pokemon storage filled, spent a half hour to IV-check and prune, chose 2 regulars and a shiny to evolve, and had a really late lunch.

So I got half a CD despite the rain and the more space-constrained location. Got only about half credit for the distance walked, though, since the GPS didn’t track well indoors (my trainers seemed to be just standing around most of the time, although I was walking the full length of the mallways).


Imagine finding a shiny Torchick hiding among the Silkies in one of your chick shipments. :astonished: Hmm, I wonder whether Torchicks are even good egg-producers…


Torchic would probably turn all the rest of the birds into fried chicken.


That would be a good problem to have mail-order Fried Chicken


14 shiny
4 shundo
1 hundo
5 Blaziken
Probably my best cday. New record for shundo


I do not even have one Shundo in total. :rofl:


they are the rarest of rare. I didnt even know the term till this year. Let alone not everyone will ever have 1.

Like i said. Rarest of the rares. Only thing more rare is Lucky Shundo, which is a dream.


I didn’t even know what a Shundo was until I went first post on that thread.