How was Your Community day


Little bit late, but
May the shiny odds be ever in your favour


So far so good, got all three lures at the mall (dont expect people to do it on their own, its stuffed with regular ones)


Just got kicked out and can’t enter the game :man_facepalming:


Dang! Does it seem like it’s affecting others in your area?


I just got an off event shiny…


More people mentioned it on Reddit and Twitter


Have anyone seen a shiny torchick?


That gives some hope that it isn’t something personally targeting you. Were you able to get back in, yet?


Yes after 4 tries


This was a mwa… I noticed a lower amount of spawns and a lower shinyrate compared to the previous. Checked 95 in 2 hours… There just weren’t more to check. Staying at a hotspot with 3 stops in a triangle and lured. That I so low. Normally over 300. So many non event spawns. Got just two Shiny’s. Got a 98% torchic though.


93% lucky, kinda good
And a shiny Seel


Only played for 2 hours but I managed to get 6 shinies. I can’t complain.


I didn’t feel like playing a lot today (migraine sucks… even when the attack itself is over), so I stopped after about two hours…
We had great sunny weather - unfortunately not in-game, so there was no weather boost. But I can’t complain. Checked 121 Torchic and got myself 6 shinies. Also, I had to play a bit for my husband, since he had to work. Got another two shinies for him.
When I arrived home early I first popped in another starpiece and cleared my quest stack (I made 91.7k stardust in this event without grinding hard), then took time to trade with my husband and appraise, and I even got a level 30 hundo (non-lucky) out of that, which got evolved right away.
The prerequisites might not have been ideal for me personally, but I made the best of it, I guess.


Same here, just over 2 hours. But Niantics weather hates me. CD started with rain. No rain in 150km on the radar… It limited the already limited spawns even more.


I got 5 shinies (found 2 back to back), evolved 7 Blaziken, got a lot of stardust, traded some Pokemon, got lucky Torchic. All in all, a great Community Day.


Was great. Found 7/8 shinies, 1 Lucky and Made 4/5 blaziken. Also found a shiny omanyte!


Did one run? :confounded:


Played for only 2 hours lol


But then why 7/8?


Seven or eight. Havent counted yet