How was Your Community day


Beg ta differ! I think the Unown is quite cool, having yet to see one in the game.


That one was traded for one of my Paris Unown lol


And May the Shiny odds be ever in your favour


I got only 6 or seven tdiles and one hc fgatr( but it is really strong!) i got 1 shiny. I transferred everything I got today except the only good ivone which became fgatr and the shiny

Totodile CDay

61 in 50 minutes. 3 shinys. Couldnt make more time.
Nothing special. Evolved an 98iv with 14 attack and a 84iv lucky wich i already had before the CD.
And 1 shiny ofcourse.


Wow keep it up!


Played for almost three hours today. I didn’t get a single shiny in the first 2 1/2 hours. Then I decided to do a quick round with the car and the shinies appeared. Got a second shiny in the last five minutes and after 170 (?) Totodile checks. Around 85 Totodile caught, only one had 93% IV but with terrible Attack IV. And three Totodile with IV in the 80%’s. Shinies have terrible IV’s as well. No, this Community Day wasn’t that good. But it wasn’t the worst CD I’ve had, too…


So CD has started already? Nothing on Twitter (they usually say when it starts in one of the 3 regions). No glitch? Lucky you! I’m so glad Asia-Pacific is being last this time, after all the glitchy ones we had before.


It was a good CD. But it’s cold here and it started to snow so it wasn’t easy to play. I got 4 shiny Totodile. But I didn’t find Totodile with great IVs. It’s like Niantic released only Totodile with bad IVs. I only had 2 simply amazing Totodile, but with stats under 15 and with low CP. Luckily I saved several Totodile and Croconaw with great IVs from before.
I have an interesting story to tell you. My battery was dying (15%) and I came to a Poke stop and I decided to spin it before I attach power bank. Then I saw one Totodile next to the stop and I clicked on it. It was a shiny Totodile! I opened AR mode to take a picture when my phone started to shut down like it had 0% battery energy. I attached my power bank quickly and turned on the phone. The waiting seemed so long before I opened the game and the shiny Totodile was still there. I took an AR picture and caught it.


6 shiny Totodile. Nice Community Day for me. I mainly shiny checked because I already had 500 candy before the event. I evolved 4 Feraligatr with Hydro Cannon (2 x 96 IV, 1 x 93 IV and a shiny 69 IV).


I’m at home for cd


Not going to do anything for this cd like what I did with cyndaquil


Wow, cool community day.
I walked around my neighborhood, (2 stops total) and got 4 shinies in the first hour.
But lots of spawns were like this

For lunch my family went to a supermarket with the best cluster spawns ever

Then we went to this place called frys with about like 40 trainers in there

Some of us did a Sharpedo raid but that’s all I was able to do in there.

The store is actually pretty cool.
I got 5 shinies.


From the store.


Got three Totodile shinies (which is all I wanted), hatched a 96% Totodile that I evolved for Hydro Cannon, had three Shinx raids, landed a shiny Shinx, caught two wild Buizel, and finally won an Alolan Marowak raid.

Great CD for me!


Pretty good day for being at work.


Still caught a shiny even though I barely played


Decent day, all in all. It seemed like there were more raids at the end than usual, so even the players who didn’t get an EX invite could enjoy a few goodies after main event. My booty wound up being several dozen Totodiles, a half dozen of which were shiny, a handful of other mons with good IV, and Machamp, Deoxys, and Shinx from raids after the main event. No major score in it all (all three raid bosses had mediocre numbers, and most of the shinies were less than mediocre); but a pretty fun event.


It’s raining during CD time at my area so I took a detour to an indoor mall which is about the same size as the one I played with @Pokemon a while back. The spawns were really great, caught 7 shiny and Totodile candy increased from 500+ to 1900+. The downside is that there are only 5 stops and 2 gyms (one of them is ex gym), the balls usage is much faster than what the stops and gyms could give out, so when CD ended, my balls reserve is cut to about a quarter of what I had before CD. Need to stock up more and more balls if I decide to go to such place in future CD.

Also did a Heatran raid in between CD hours, there are more than 100 trainers where I could tell, there might be more at upper levels of the mall.

Overall, nice experience at a new place for CD


Rained steadily here too, so there was a little fewer at the usual park I go to than usual. Still a solid showing though. We toughed it out with umbrellas. lol