How was Your Community day


Maybe because it’s raining, there were many people playing inside the mall. During Heatran raid, one lady asked me why so many people were on their phone at the same time.


What mall?


For me, it rained, but no rain in game @Mew1 @VanHooIII was it the same with you?


It rained when I left home for CD, then I was in the mall so I don’t know if it continued to rain or not :grinning: but it did rain in game during most of CD


Dang. Pretty annoying walking for an hour in the rain while totodile aren’t boosted.


Over 70% of my Totodile caught during CD were weather boosted




Yeah, I was lucky, since the catch rate was boosted during CD, mostly one ball is needed to catch weather boosted


Catch rate boosted?


Yeah, during CD hour


Never knew that


It was strange. When it was actually raining, it was “cloudy” in-game. When it let up and stopped for a bit, it was raining in-game. lol


i got 7 Shiny totodile. But i got lots more than just Seven Shiny totodile and two Hydro Cannon feraligatr.


Somewhere in the event this happened. (It gave regular exp, Candy and stardust :frowning: )

Totodile CDay

Total Shiny checks:

Total catches:

Total exp gained:
986 422 exp

I played for my smaller brother as Well, he got three shinies.


I got snow during CD yesterday.


Same I got three shiny



Caught just over 160 Tots and only 3 IV in the top 82-100% range and they only just made it with all being 82%.
6 Shiny with best being in the average IV range.
Only good thing I can say about the day was I got my Dust over 3mil. All up disappointed but exactly what I expected.


I forgot to post yesterday after the european CD window…
The weather was horrible… We had quite some snow, it was cold, windy and wet. At least it stopped snowing after about an hour…
I have shiny checked 136 Totodile (didn’t catch all of them) and got 4 shinies myself and got traded a 5th one by another player for a (Pokédex entry) Kangaskhan that I got from the regional 7k hatches. The traded one was the highest IV one (71-73%) and got evolved to Feraligatr.
The IVs were rather mediocre in these 3 hours, but I’m used to that. I had saved a good Totodile for evolving, so that was OK.
I also met more other players than expected in this weather. It was a fun Community Day :grinning:


Very productive.

6 Shinies, but all were with trash IVs, but that’s fine. I did find a non-Shiny at 96% with perfect Attack, so it got the Hydro Cannon treatment. Also, I hatched a perfect Meditite–excellent Great League contender–as well as a 96% Growlithe with perfect HP and Attack. After two years, I finally got an Arcanine with a perfect Attack stat.

Obtained over 140,000 Stardust throughout the event thanks to egg hatches as well, getting close to 1 million Stardust once again. I could get to 1 million before the event is over, and I’m stoked.

My husband got two more Heatran and leveled up to level 37. It was a great day for him as well.