How was Your Community day




Event is still going and my dad just got his first


As per what I posted in another thread. 2 Shiny the day before my 3hr Special. I got 6 Shiny in the 3hr Special. I went out again last night to bust up some Gyms and re-top up the ball and Pinaps then did 90mins of Lures and got one more Shiny. All up I got one Shiny of each except Chikorita.
Got a lot of Larvitar, Dratini and Beldum Candy Plus a heap of big cp ones to trade on the other Family member accts as I ran them one the 2 Gotcha’s rotating them around so they all had shot of getting lucky.

Best Pokémon overall caught was a 98% 512cp Dratini
Ive got roughly 3 more hours left of the event but not likely to improve as I’m home getting ready to go to work.


I Will catch more Pokemon in these last 43 minutes


No cool catch :frowning:


Our local park recently got two stops added, so it was obvious where I’d play in the 3 bonus hours. The only thing I was after were two shiny Squirtle, and I had gotten those after about 40 minutes.
The weather was terrible… it didn’t rain, but it was cold, wet and foggy.
I played just for fun then, and I was surprised to meet so many people this time, despite the weather. I got several additional shinies (Eevee, Charmander, Beldum, Cyndaquil, Larvitar, Pikachu) which I will keep for trading (I know some players in town who are desperately looking for a shiny Charmander even after this weekend…)
I also managed to get myself another decent Smack Down Tyranitar, so I’m quite happy with this community “day”


Considering we were playing in -8 degree weather and bone chilling wind, my hands almost catching frostbite, pretty good. Got a 100% IV Tyranitar with Smack down (from trade) and now I have a full team of Metagrosses (2 of them 100% and the rest 93+).


Interesting. I got no shinies at all.


It went really good. I’m happy, cause my very first community day was the one with Squirtle, since I had stopped playing for a year. So I managed to catch all the ones I had missed:
5 Charmenders
5 Chikoritas
5 Mareeps
5 Larvitars
3 Dratinis
2 beldums
2 Cyndaquils
2 Squirtles
2 Pikachus
2 Eevees
1 Bulbasaur


I feel cheated only getting 6 in the 3hr Special if that list was all from the 3hrs.


Got about 150 Charmander candies… all the Charmander’s were essentially junk. I got 1 that was a Wonder, and just for the HP. 0 shinies which is all I was after.

I did get shiny Dratini (2), Bulbasaur, Beldum.

I was out 3-4h on Saturday and 4h on Sunday… overall it was disappointing compared to other community days. In the 7-8h span of time, I caught a lot of Pokemon, and I don’t think I got an IV over 90 on any of them.

Also… lures. Are they supposed to do anything? This and last event I dropped a lure, and it attracted absolutely nothing. Sat at one stop 10min and nothing appeared, did my rounds for other stops, came back and still nothing.


@THRobinson you have to know your Pokestops before using Lures on them. There are heaps of let’s call them “Dead Stops” that have either no Pokémon spawns or the spawn rate is pathetic from them.
Sounds like you chose a Dead Stop.
I’ve got a place 5min from home that has 3 Stops that can be reached from the Car in the Car Park. These spots are like Gold usually but this one is bad.
The give away to a good spot is the amount of natural spawns around the stop. If you rock up and there’s only 1 Pokémon or even none around it save your Lures and find one that has at least 2 but preferably more.


Overall, this cd was great


@NotanotherKangaskhan that’s kinda odd… if anything you’d think you’d want to use a lure at a dead stop, to bring pokemon to it. If it’s a busy stop, you don’t need a lure, and if you used one, no way to know if the lure attracted pokemon or if pokemon are just showing up because a busy stop. :smiley:

It was at the beach area on the lake, which now is closed down because well, Canada. Great spot to get balls because the strip is easily 10 stops and at the end is a round-a-bout with a gym and 3 stops about 20 feet apart from one another. Usually pretty busy, and so close together no way to tell which stop has what, but on community day the whole section was absolutely dead. Maybe like the beach, they closed the Pokestops as well. :smiley:


From lots of experience using Lures and always searching for good spots the natural spawns and what spawns from a Lured Stop seems to be directly linked.
A Dead Stop gives poor Spawns even when Lured.


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