How was Your Community day


18 shinies between 11 and 14. One non-event Shiny!


Slipped out for two hours last evening and enjoyed near-CD rates (both spawn and capture seemed somewhat elevated). Collected 3 shinies out of about 200 captures.

The event seems to be consuming pokeballs faster than I can replenish them (and incubators almost faster than I can count). Maybe that’s part of the motivation for having this event, to stimulate sales in the store.


1 shiny out of 100 pokemon it was my first one tapped it was at the one spawnpoint at my school it was a pink cotton candy


Caught 2 really good larvitar first day so going for 250 candies


10 shinies during 3 hour bonus!


And the Shiny Magby. Not bad at all, @Branebs


Thanks @Brobraam! :smile:


Wow, did you go somewhere!!! :grin: Congrats!


Went to the usual CD park which is a Chimchar nest now, mainly focusing on the 3 pseudo, caught 3 shiny Dratini and 1 shiny Larvitar, encountered a shiny Pikachu at the very end of special bonus hour, caught it and it became regular and went straight to professor. Hatched first ever Riolu. Finished Spiritomb and Meltan quest for extra XP and stardust purposes. Became best friend with @Pokemon. On top of all these, advanced to TL 40!




Thank you @Pokemon


I caught 666cp shiny Charmander today


No, I played in my town.



I woke up 2hours and 10minutes late for CD so I got just about 50minutes left to have a better use of the 3hours bonus event


I think i Will go outside for another hour today to get the extra Shiny beldum


Got two new shinies. One in Lets Go and another eevee in Pokemon go


Apart from one shiny Larvitar on the first day of Community Day Weekend Event, I didn’t find any shiny Pokemon outside the 3 hour bonus window. And it was supposed to be higher shiny rate throughout the event. I didn’t find shiny Charmander and I checked and caught everything I could. And I wanted more shiny Larvitar. If I had found them, this event would have been perfect for me.


Totally missed the 3-hour bonus window, but the few moments I had here and there during the weekend were enough to make me REALLY wish I had been able to partake. A whole weekend like that? Good stuff, Niantic! Do it again soon!!!


No Shinies for me all weekend.


Did you get tons of candies tho?