How was Your Community day






Same here


We had a late start and stopped early this time, I managed to catch exactly 100 Cyndaquil, 5 of them shiny. The shinies were all bad IVs and very low CP (10, 33, 70 the lowest) and there were almost more other spawns than Cyndaquil… I also forgot to keep track of my stardust and caught myself a cold … So not my best Community Day, but at least the bonuses were great.


4 shinies, quite a few good iv ones, first one I tapped shiny, then I didnt get another for 90 mins, and the 3rd shiny turned out to be a 89 if shiny, so I dumped my rare candies into it and rn it’s at like 1300 cp, forgot to evolve my high cp good iv ones, and 2/3rds of cd was sunny so I was lucky, got shinx and Alola Marowak in my pokedex along with typhlosion, now we wonder for a week what December will be.


1300 cp cyndaquil?


1 cp10 shiny, historically low spawn and shiny rate for me. I don’t know if that was because cyndaquil is rare to me though


Went with a group of 4 and i played on my GF’s account aswell.
Endresult: 3, 6, 8, 8 (GF), and 11 (me). We went to the same place as always, we had fewer spawns then we’re used to and results are also lower then normally.

I also got a shiny Magby from a 7km egg.
Did a buizel raid during CD since it was on the one gym at the edge of the park, just join and play and continue with CD. Also had a Giratina spawn on the gym just by the exit of the park 5 minutes after CD ended. We had at least 4 full lobbies.
No good IV’s though on all Cynda’s and raids done.




I got a few Typhlosion and 2 shinies n a lot of Stardust


1300 typhlosion, typo


Thanks for the info

Is that good?


In my honest opinion, I loved the Cyndaquil CD. Even though Cyndaquil isn’t that good.
Got 8 shiny Cyndaquil + shiny Squirtle + shiny Shellder within the three hour window. Never got a wild shiny that is not the featured one during Community Day.

I could have gotten 10 shiny Cyndaquil. Sadly I caught my last shiny Cyndaquil in the last minute. It turned into a normal Cyndaquil. I accidentally ran away from Shiny Cyndaquil number 10 and it disappeared when I wanted to tap again on it.

Definitely can’t complain😍


How are you so lucky… you get so many shinies that aren’t boosted…


Neither Weather Boosted🤣
Okay, the Squirtle was.


1/480 for you becomes 1/10


May the Shiny Odds be ever in your favour


3 larvitar and a pikachu in about 45 minutes. Didnt have more time. No errors.
Did a raid 5 minutes before the start at our newest EX-raid gym. about 40 people there so that should be enough i hope.


Is bulbasaur quite rare for everyone?

Seem to be plenty of larvitar, beldum, mareep, chikorita, cyndaquil, charmander, squirtle, eevee, pikachu, but not much bulbasaur.

This is despite sunny weather!!!


I’ve got the 3hr special tomorrrow but our Weekend all the CD Poke,on started today. I got out on the Push Bike with the Go Plus from 1:30 and had to cut the day short (6:30) by 90mins after my external battery ran out and didn’t realise until the ph was on 56%. I couldn’t get back to the car in time to grab another before the ph went flat.
I was hand catching Dratini, Larvitar and Charmander letting the Go Plus get whatever else.
Windy and Rainy weather all day so plenty of big CP Dratini Caught . Not great IV sadly.
A lot of Pokémon caught for only 2 Shiny (1x Charmander and 1x Dratini)
I’m hoping the 3hr Special has a better % of Shiny.