How was Your Community day


I am now the omnipotent genderless mythical beast.


Man I am glad I have mew.


So am I.


I was at The National mall of dc:/ kinda wanted to be in New York probably gotten more but my phone die


The amount of stops at National Mall in DC is crazy. I’m sure you had a good CD


Yeah I’m only visiting here because of work but it was pretty good not complaining :grin:


I didn’t get typhlosion :,)



You forget about me again :rofl:


This CD is pretty good to me, 8 shiny, 2 are above 80%, one became Quilava and the other became Typlosion, got my pokedex Buizel from raid (many came to the raid), got tons of dust within 3 hours, and got 98% Machop, 98% Charmander, 100% Spinda from research.


I knew you would come on here :wink:


Not so bad after all




6 shiny, none with excellent IV’s


Day 2 of Beldum day? I was travelling so had enough time to catch one more shiny for both myself & Iona got another also. My flight was 2pm so right in the middle of it… :frowning:


Only 3 shinies but the last was during the 2hr extension & was a 96%er so I was happy!
How was yours @Pokemon?


Quite a nice day - three straight hours of walking and catching, tons of cyndaquil (including half a dozen shinies, even a few with good IVs). Stopped on the way back to raid a Shinx and capture the boss.

Also got to watch the raid egg hatching animation for three straight hours over one of the local gyms. Had no interest in looking inside the gym (too busy harvesting cyndaquil), but it was wild on the outside.



Why? :thinking:


Maybe because he did not do much