How was Your Community day


65,000 xp isn’t awful at all. Congrats!


Ended up with seven shines. it was cool!
I somehow ended up getting thr most shiniesfor a single community day (eevee I got nine but that isnt a single). The shinies werent all loe IV but nothing near a 96 er :heart_eyes:.

I saw two other players and pretty much went to where @ahirunopekkle lives.


Daughter’s Birthday Party today during event. But I did get a single Shiny while driving the family back home. Good enough for me.


Playing while driving??? :smiling_imp:


First time i got a Shundo and i got two. Todays a good day.


the Weather boosted pokemons took 60% of all the spawns and only 2 decent cynaquil
so it was a pretty bad CD


Worst CD ever. No game for first hour and a half, glitchy for second hour and a half. Somehow managed 7 shiny but grumpy at losing an hour and a half of stardust grinding


I was turning left at a traffic light, so I was going slow enough to click on a Cyndiquil that was in a group. Luckily it was the right one. My son was so pissed because he got no Shiny.


Ask LaprasBoss :joy::grin:


I have Go Plus or Gotcha running all the time when in Car. Good source of bonus Dust. Phone is where I’m not looking at it.


475K stardust, 17 shiny Pokémon, not sure the total number caught. Started off a little aggravated though because the first shiny one clicked on turned into a snubull


How did the Lady of the Philosophy do?


Something like 23 shiny Pokémon. Crazy good luck today!




Soul good job where did you go


4 shinies, plenty of stardust, and level 32!


Yessss I been waiting for the level up congrats :fireworks::sparkler::sparkles::sparkler::sparkles::fireworks::tada::tada::tada::confetti_ball:



I appreciate all the confetti.


Your welcome!
Ima go launch some fireworks irl no kidding


Wow you aren’t a girl anymore :joy:.