How was Your Community day


I went to a different spot for the Re-run of Beldum. Better spaw rate and a larger area for catching more. Got the best IV 5min before the day ended.
Evolved the big CP Shiny from the previous CD and the 100% I’d been saving forever during the event so nothing could get in the way this time.
I’ve got a full army of 6 Meteor Mash and heaps of Candy for powering up.

Page one is from today’s CD. Page 2 is last weeks and the ones below the Red line were pre CD


93 IV! :heart_eyes:

Better luck than the cats


My OCT CD with Beldum has been busted… and twice! :sweat::sob::sweat_smile::joy:



Gotta catch them all


Nice profile pic


R.O.S.E. avatars…


What about day 2?


Rev up those Star Pieces, this will be a wild one


Yeah but the in game anouncement today said 2x dust


Yeah? Thats what Im talking about


They said 2x dust for cs which is rude considering it is 4x dust


It should be 4x dust for CD (6x dust on a star piece and even more if it’s weather boosted)


I know its 4x dust but a push notification said 2x :exploding_head: ! They are feeding people false info :dizzy_face:.


Pokemon go twitter said CD Will have 4x dust, if you combine double dust event and double dust in cd


And as always, may the odds be ever in your favour!


4x without Star Piece, 6x with Star Piece, even higher for evolution or weather boost


Grinding in the same area as beldum day, a busy bus exchange, plus my house can spawn up to three pokemon.


It sucks.

Can’t tap anything

Keep getting “the item can’t be used here.”


Me too!


Do you get an extra hour though?