How was Your Community day


about 200 caught, 8 shinies and a 100% IV one. Can’t complain.


@mew1 what about you


Nice Shinx


150 catch + 1 hatch, 1 shiny only. You catch way more than me, 236 in 3 hours is a huge number to me, it’s like non stop catching within those 3 hours.


I figured it out!


You should’ve told me during last CD :hugs:



So last CD we can expect a total of 30 people in the Commons.
There must have been a few people who didn’t do the Mewtwo raid right at the begging like us.

But now, (yesterday), there was much more people (100???), so more stops were lured. (the extension I told you about.

The extension had a high amount of beldum, and while the other stops were getting more, I was able to get a good amount and on the way back get way more.

This way I was able to get about 2 beldum a minute while I was in that area.


Yeah, there are about 500+ people at the park where I spent the CD, maybe similar to Dratini or Larvitar. I did not spend last CD at that park (you know why :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:), the least amount of people I saw is Squirtle CD.


4 shinies, 3 new top 12 pokemon. Good result.


Exact same as me :joy:


Managed to catch the last hour of this CD (2x the time I expected) and caught a reasonable number of beldums, including 4 shinies (3 of which I evolved).

My surprise prize from the day, though, was catching a shiny Growlithe…


SHINY PUPPY :dog::dog::dog::dog::dog:


It’s official Australia is included in the Asia Pacific re-run of Beldum CD this Sunday.
Not sure if I’ll be able to do as the Wife gets out of Hospital Saturday morning and I’ll be on the road headed for a Golf game when she comes home. I might be pushing my luck to play Sunday.


um beldum day passed…


Beldum CD gets a redo in asia and Australia, becouse there were technical problems


Did you even read what I wrote. Asia pacific gets a re-run and it’s confirmed for this Sunday.


didnt see re run sorry, if only i spoofed, jk


With pinap, 12 Beldum candies per catch


Only Metal Cans were left when I was able to sign-in night of the last CD, :sob: :rofl:


Incredible. Last week’s CD went absolutely fine here in Vietnam. And today, the exact same. So I managed to catch in total 20 shinies, and I finally got today a pretty good Metagross (96%). And I have now more than 2000 Beldum candies. Thanks Niantic