How was Your Community day


Yeah I heard there was a Ingress event as well


overkill, need new servers or whatever.


My Beldum day is somewhere above your comment!


And you get another day :laughing:


:smile: :beers: ‘Twas a good one indeed. :fist_right:t3::fist_left:t3:


Especially the trades after :beers:


You were part of the @Thorend group?


Yes, she was one of the van riders :minibus:


Lol and were you the driver @Thorend


And I rode a bike…


Also how big was this van (How many people could fit?)


Nope, we had a driver so we could all catch and have fun. I was just a navigator :smiley:


Nice I used to have one of those but I had to get rid of it because (no space).

Anyhow it would be awesome for CD to have one.


15 passenger van, we had 12 people.


For sure! I hope they implement that option again. We had great luck having the weather boost the whole time but getting the extra hour to try for luckies and rerolls was :ok_hand:t3:


Maybe for Machop day (December?)


Nothing beats 3 hour weather boost for an amazing mon…except for having the hour after for trades and evolves!


Nice! Squad goalsss!


Speaking of Community Day i saw multiple rare mons ( Bagon, Chansey, Sudowoodo, and (forgot :man_facepalming:). Maybe Dratini? @Thorend @PhilosophyLady @JimDaRaider did you have this


That would be a good one.