How was Your Community day


I hope you’re right about that prediction! I have some Machops itching to be evolved with a special move :yum: and who can resist a Green Hulkish Machamp :muscle:t3:


I saw sudowoodo, none of the others


Superpower could be as strong as Hydro Cannon and with Machamp’s place in the meta (will be third I think after Keldeo and Conkeldurr) it will be insane


I want a hulk


We had a bunch of Scyther cause of the weather but not so much of the other rares you mentioned


Then I guess it was luck?

Anyhow I lured a friend back to the game (we had a pokemon go chat)


That’s always a good feeling


My friend got 5 shinies in a row no kidding.

And on his 6th I didn’t have one yet.

But I got one and the second one I transfered :laughing:




So lucky with the weather ( I never have anything but Sunny)


I thought I pressed appraise and by then it was too late :sweat_smile::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Professor Oak must be rolling over in tears wondering who sent him it




@magoose6 @Mapman42 what about you guys :wink:


2 mm metagross, 2 shinies


Wow, you caught 236 Beldum in 3 hours, that’s more than 1 Beldum per minute


5 shinies two metagross two metang 1 beldum, and my 84 with meteor mash took down a gym with half hp left but to be fair it was full of rock types, and i did get a back to bak shinies but a wild snorlax ran from me when i tried to catch it :sob:


A jelly-filled donut perhaps?


I got 180 and 2 shiny


around 225 checks as usual, got 9 shinies, no good IV’s in all 190 catches.
Did hatch a 100% piplup and a 98% chansey so very happy.

in my group of 4 we had 15 shinies (my brother on his level 30 account, 11 (good friend) , 9 (me), 7 (my GF)
these are somewhat the same results as last month, confirming the lesser you play the more you get theory for me once again. Still happy with my catches and moreso with my hatches.


104 checks, 2 shinies