How was Your Community day


I got 2 shinies!! Two Metagross. (One shiny)


Caught 236 and caught 4 shinies but transfered one but got traded one back


@Thorend so what did you do
also @Punica

and if I forgot someone sorry


Mines listed about 20-30 posts above.
Just another meh CD day. I didn’t evolve any as I had to get home immediately after the day finished and then had a priority to attend to at home that wasn’t planned so that extra hour after the spawns finish was used up.
Hopefully the re-run of CD ican fix that up.


How is it supposed to a community “day” when it’s only 3 hours long some people actually do have other things to do.


There is gonna be a re-run?


For the Asia-Pacific region there is supposed to be a re-run.


Okay, nice. They already announced?


Not the date


Probably near end of month. Was it due to bad weather?


Our local group pooled our money and rented a van. We had a dozen players catching weather boosted Pokémon. I think the lowest number of shiny Pokémon caught was 9 or 10. We all got 2 or more 96% Beldum.
After the event we hit a Mewtwo then went for drinks/dinner and trading during the window. Was one of the most memorable community days yet.


Also forgot to say i got 1 perfect non-shiny.


Sounds :fire:LIT :fire:


Yo the renting a van part sounds awesome


No it was due to laggg


Niantic needs better servers, i swear this happens every Cday.


No this was crazy I watched lifting a zombies at 8pm last night and everyone was going crazy


He always going lag crazy.


I heard no one could log in after their game wouldnt load and they had to sign out


Thats normal with lag to that degree, lucky if you can even log back in.