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The spawns seemed extremely high this time - Treecko was weather boosted and there still was the Equinox event going on, so this was to be expected. The IVs were OK, but the only really good one (96%) ran from me.
We had fantastic weather for the first two hours, then the sun started to set (3pm - 6pm is only good in summer, but not in March, I preferred the old event time which was 11am - 2pm for us).
I was at my usual place and met the usual people, even my husband joined us surprisingly later in.
I got myself 7 shinies, evolved 4 Sceptiles (including a shiny and a lucky at level 35), we also did a Tyranitar raid in the event time (didn’t get a good one though). It was a fun afternoon.


I missed it again :sob:


You’ll get them next time


Very happy with this event. The timing was great and so we’re the spawns. 5 shiny Treeecko and 1 shiny (hatched) Feebas in the 1hr 30 i played for was good.

3-6pm could be a great time for the summer. 10-1 in the winter.


I guess youre pretty far up North then arent you?

I really liked the 15:00 till 18:00 time. Had to go help my parents in the morning, after that i was able to drive home for 130 KM and arrive at 15:15 to join a group here. Couldnt have done that if it was 11:00 till 14:00.

At the moment darkness isnt a problem here, but it is March so theres a huge difference already with the real winter months. Might be a bit of an issue during those.

[Regional] Dutch Pokémon GO player chat

Got 9 shinies out of 250+ treecko caught. Highest shiny IV a pathetic 67%. Highest non-shiny IV 98%.

Didn’t enjoy the later time. My town starts to get a bit scary as the sun goes down. Lots of youths hanging around in groups looking for trouble. Was playing with the missus and had stones thrown at us in the market square. The parks get full of drunks at dusk so they are a no-go as well. Also not as many participants as usual - didn’t see many of my regular pokebuddies.

That said, the missus (also 9 shinies) hatched a mantyke and a bonsly - so she had a productive event.


What world do you live in ?


Lol, I’m away just in time or late. Starting with my birth(8 days) :rofl:


In a world where i have nothing to do on saturdays lol


Probably the best CD thus far. Have taken to doing them at my local shopping centre / mall because it’s easier & doesn’t take additional time out of the day to get there & back.
Only issue was that it was 1pm - 4pm which meant a lot of people on both Saturday & Sunday.
This time there was a noticeable lack of people I had to avoid while catching :metal:t3::laughing::metal:t3:
Plus i didn’t do too bad for somewhere that isn’t an actual “grinding” spot!


Got two shinies, and like 2 minutes before cd started, (I thought cd started already) I evod a Treecko into Sceptile but didn’t get FP…


I voted no on the poll but i was able to catch very few, played for only about 10 min


But it was 3pm to 6pm globally. How does that work?
Are you messing with time? Ive been told by countless TV series and movies that its dangerous to mess with time :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry - I meant the previous CDs were 1-4pm our time but this one being 3-6pm made it a lot easier as less people were around the shopping centre.


Bummer. I trust that what made you miss it was more worthwhile, and hope that afterward you felt it was.

I haven’t seen you around the Hub much lately. How are you doing?


Yup, the reason missing it was really worth the loss, it was parents orientation for the beginning of our princess journey to continuous education so no hesitation there… been busy with her kindergarten graduation rehearsal lately, but I try to at least do our daily field research to be able to complete and get the Regi’s family and others to fill our dex. Also been juggling between bag and mons inventory to be able to get gifts for sending and also be able to open some. Pokecoins had been scarce for now here in our locations :grin:

Thanks for the concern too…


God bless y’all (your little princess as she reaches that milestone and makes the transition to big-kids school, and her parents while advancing and learning how to be the best parents you can be to her in her new life context each year).

And good luck with your research tasks; may your efforts nurture completeness in your dex.