How many in-game Friends do you have now?




6 (1 with no status what so ever, and gone tomorrow)


83 so far :o

tho sometimes i don’t have enough gifts for everyone :confused:


it is a shame that the giftcap in your bag is so low.


yep :confused: plus, i don’t have the time sometimes to walk around to collect gifts so i feel like i’m the worst friend :sweat_smile:


And you have to turn about at leased double the stops, since not all the stops are ging you a gift.




Am I your only friend or did you get more for Celebi?


Got more for the Celebi quest. Deleted 1 to day. Added 2, but 1 did not react yet. Just 2 gifts to go for 5/8.


I currently have 125 Great Friends now. That is 1.25 million XP. A bunch of them are about to become Ultra Friends at 50,000 XP a pop. Because of the Friends feature, I will hit Level 40 a lot sooner than I thought. Hit Level 39 in June and am now less than 500K from Level 40.


60 now @Pokemon :wink:


35 it is a shame that the gift space in your bag is so low. Plus I sometimes don’t have enough gifts for everyone so I feel like a horrible friend :expressionless:.


Plus I got shot at work and I’m kinda stuck in bed recovering so I don’t get to play as much as I would like. So I really am the worst friend ever. :cry:


More important that you are still alive, or? :joy::joy::joy:


Oh no! Get well soon!


Thanks love


Yes it is. No laughing matter though but thank you for saying so .:blush:


Friends are hard to manage.


So hard to keep up :scream:


I was laughing because I can’t imagine much people in a similar situation been affraid about their friends in phone-game.
But I’m shure you have a strong personality and you will cope with this very well.