How many in-game Friends do you have now?


Just what the title says: How many in-game Friends have you got now?
I’m just curious.

(This topic is NOT meant to share Friend Codes!
Here you can share that.)




6 lol, i’m waiting for a bit until the new player spam goes away




I’m on 4 now, and for me it feels much better than having 100+ Friends.

IMO how less friends how more fun.


1, and it’s someone I actually know.




170 now


Wow :astonished:. I only have 17!



As far as i know all in or near my city. No use in adding people in places i dont play. Already drowning in gifts and cant keep up with giving either.


172 now. Not looking forward to the point where I’ll have to unfriend people. But I’m determined to send back gifts to everyone that sent me one.


37 for me now.


59 unopened gifts.


I’m on 6 now, still happy that I don’t have that many friends.


30 now, I don’t really want more…




I’m keeping my friends strictly to my town, because there’s no real point beside that


9 just the people i raid with on the regular dont want a facebook 2.0


181 now