How many in-game Friends do you have now?


I’m on 9 now; 3 Valor, 3 Instinct and 3 Mystic friends😆
I don’t care about teams, as you can see.


0.0 :scream::crazy_face::see_no_evil::man_facepalming:


I have 7. I’m keeping my friends list to my town only


What team are you on?




Lol im already great friends with him


I have 8 now


11 more days of friendship with my son and we will be Ultra Friends. Right now he doesn’t have enough Stardust to do a trade with me. Most of the people I raid with; we are great friends.


King Q7 it’s four items you can get a lot like that my back is full of ultra balls and Max posters and Max revives


What do the posters say on them?:grin::grin::grin::joy::joy:


I already have my bag full with that stuff its(almost) the only thing i dont deleye


Isn’t your sons name Bobby Jack? Tell him “Pokemon” says hi. This post is proof as I’m pokemon.


Forgot, since your favorite Pokemon is Ampharos/Dragonite , how was the community day for them?/


Yes. His first name is Robert and middle name is Jackson. He goes by Jackson but I call him Bobby Jack just to remind him that he lives in West Virginia. He hates that I do that.


Lol so that’s why your name is boobyjack8?


Let’s stay on topic tho


My name is what it is because my son wanted to play this game and he created the account. I continued to play on it, after he got his own phone and created new account.


13 right now.


122, and when i reach 75% down on the list the app just gives up and closes :sweat_smile:


181 friends.