How many in-game Friends do you have now?


78 might accept 2 people from my fanclub.


Thanks for saying so, I somehow knew you weren’t laughing at me through :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:+1: Good point.

I can never keep up with my friends, @NyssaMac, just be sure to open their gifts :grinning:.


Still none :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Next friday my first best friend will arrive: my girlfriend :smile: Then after another week the next and then they’ll keep coming and i can start dropping the foreign ones i really do not know, to make room for new ones.
Love the Xp gained from this, since it’s the only real thing i can compete in within our community.


Ah, I forgot. Are you annoyed about the ultra bonus egg reward?


Please friend me when you drop a few.


still have room, just look up my code in the topic. If i got time in my lunch i’ll check for yours if still needed.


It’s not about the thing a Kids account cant get/do it’s all about how they keep adding new things to this exclusion list now with out any communications on how they might address or fix the issue.
My gripe is not really how it affects me. It’s more about the young kids that love Pokemon and are unfortunate to find themselves not being able to do the same things their friend can because theirs is not a PTC age capped account.


That’s really sad. I hope they will allow this possibly via Niantic kids


NIantic Kids does not fix the issue. I found the FAQ that stats you still need to be 13.
Seriously what was the point of creating Niantic Kids if it wasn’t to fix the PTC age cap issues by allowing parents to give the ok for certain functions in Pokemon GO


67 by now


That’s terrible


Can you uninstall PoGo and redownload it. When you redownload it, you put that your children are older. Then log in to the account. Would that method work?


No, it wouldnt.


No, that will not work.
Age is set in Pokemon Trainer Club and nothing can be done to change that once set.


I have 199 friends. Only 1 place left.




Still 200. Nobody has dropped me yet because I’m a good gift giver.


my cousin returned to Go, so i readded him im at 88.

Cute note; if you delete someone and readd your still at same friendship level you dont lose any of it!!