Drop your current defenders


Woke up with 7 left. Had to get fuel this morning before I take the kids to school. Now I have 13.


enough for my coins. I do not come across a lot of non-gold gyms anymore


I got my coins. But this morning, my son couldn’t play since he needed to do update. (I ragged on him for not playing last 2 days.). We get to school and he forgot his backpack. So now I get to drive back to his school with his updated game and put his monsters in all the gyms I took down and he missed earlier.



After dance class and cub scouts…


Let’s see what it looks like tonight as opposed to this morning…


Just got home and have 19 currently.


Woke up this morning and still have 13 gyms. Never had that happen before.


Spent the day on the bike in the town 10min down the road from home. Put a heap in the Gyms currently being worked on. Had 18 in Gyms all up by the time I went home.
Had some Dinner, spent some time with the family before going out again 4hrs later. As nothing had come back yet I had to make a choice as there were 6 Gyms I wanted to work over but they were in exact opposite directions (3x in each location). Maxed out the full 20 in one spot did 2 sets of Lures then headed home. Just as I got home I lost 3 in the opposite location :roll_eyes:.


I will lose it within a few hours


Before work…

After work…


Didn’t go out Sunrday night or last night. Did 5 on way to work and one came back befor I even got to work.


Before work…

After work…


How much time are you spending busting up Gyms from finish work to getting home @bobbyjack8 ?
And vice versa from home on way to work?


I live 60 miles from work. I start knocking them down on a set route at around 3 am. If I still hold them from night before, I can skip. Then I stop in a town halfway between home and work and knock 2 more out. I usually get fuel there if needed. Then when I get to the town I work in, I’ll finish getting my 20. I work 12 hour shifts, so majority will be knocked out when I come out. On my way home, I only go after the 9 that are near my house on a direct line on my route. That way, if I still have them next morning, that will be less for me to do. I still have 8 right now, so if I still hold them in morning, I only have to take 12.




What’s lumineon


Been only droping Tyranitar and Dragonite latelt. With the new cp reramp i don’t really scroll down for blissy anymore


Evolution of finneon