Drop your current defenders


What are you currently defending with?

Here is mine:

Have you ever noticed that whenever there's an exclusive event going on somewhere your defenders last longer in gyms?


its funny my blissy arent good iv, but have brought me many coins





Finally; sorry


Trying to thin the herd of extra Pikachus


I am ashamed to say that I didn’t realize the gym defender sign matched your team color! Learn something new every day :sweat_smile: I thought everyone’s was red!


No, just me, you, @Thorend, @Branebs, and @5GodLink :smile:


Every day I learn something new; this weekend a 5 year old taught me a bunch of useful game tricks and he was a cutie about it also


I usually put in Ttar or shinies
or Gyarados




I just run blissey, snorlax, steelix, chansey, metagross, lapras, shuckle, milotic, eevolutions, etc. I only run high hp/ defense stuff in gyms


Not me. If I already have a gold gym badge there, I just clean out my Pokedex. I’ll leave good monsters there if I’m still trying to get the gold badge.



I only drop pokémon under 2041. My favorites are pokémon resistant to machamp.


I drop a 1600 nessie and my blisseys


If I see anything weak to champ I don’t drop lapras. I like to see a crazy mix gym.