Drop your current defenders


Lotta Tauros there


Still got a few more to drop tonight.




Better that then turn them into hamburgers and steaks. Let the professor grind them into candy when they get knocked out of the gyms.


:joy: @bobbyjack8 this is another one of your awesome jokes :joy: are you a comedian besudes your job ( protecting from terroists right)


I’m now dropping Pinsir and Banette (from the Evolve 3 Duskull or Shuppet quest) at gyms



You working dem like Ash.


Just need one to survive next 38 minutes and I have my coins for tomorrow.




only got 1 out n i need him to faint🤕


Seems like i wont be getting my coins from Tyranitar so i dropped more doubt im getting my coins today tho.


Lost 4 just since I got home from work. I’ll take them back in the morning, though.


only got 6 coins yesterday, lol.



You like water? :whale2::fish:


I tried to make a screenshot but just at that moment my game crashed

Back in a sec

Edit: this would have been my screenshot:


No that is my older sisters work.