Drop your current defenders


@Brobraam, you have given out the moves of your Pokemon to the attacker of the gyms your Pokemon are defending. :grinning:



The names are only visible for the owners


So fast




Why the skunks? They stinkin up your phone and you house? Is your wife mad? :grinning:


I just like to put them in Gyms in the areas that are dominated by other colours. Just a calling card that I’ll be stinking up their area for a bit.




i stay flexing :man_shrugging:t5:



You Skunking it up now too?


Just dropped my extra Skunktank I don’t need stinking up my Pokemon storage space.


Oh really? Even if I rename my Blissey as ABC, during battle the attacker would still see its name as Blissey, not ABC?


He does. Perhaps because Some people would use it as advertisements or something like that

Well, i advertise using my Pokemon in my area. I Will dump a lot of the same Unown so people seeing that come to me and ask what i would want for that Unown :joy:


These are my Pokemon that survived the night. I’m now doing a major purge of my Pokedex and only keeping 1-2 of each kind instead of the 3-4 that I was.


Your holding like double what im holding.


I know and there isn’t any purpose for me doing so. I’m like a Pokemon hoarder for no reason. So I’m trying to clear up space.


You hoard me? How dare you! :frowning:


It is hard when we have these events and get so many multiples i tend to forget to transfer legendaries.