Drop your current defenders


I learn something new today, thanks @Brobraam


Currently I have more Pokémon in my inventory than @bobbyjack8


:frowning: No hoarding @Pokemon :grimacing:


I’m doing the same as @bobbyjack8 now




I had to scroll down much further to find my Blissey but she is just as annoying to fight in a gym. The CP change has not really bothered me so far.


I hate how low cp it is now, gotta scroll for an eternity.


Dont mind me i do nightshift often.

22/50 coins already recieved.


I powered my Blissey up twice since reset. It is no less hard to destroy than before. I haven’t tested yet, but I’m sure Chansey is just as annoying. Haven’t tested Slaking or Snorlax yet. But the CP reset does make sense. None of those 3 is any good on attack.


I can’t power mine up. Their maxed. But not good IV butbut but but… Always bring me coins and Blissy is the only pokemon i ever noticed to win battles.

I have a lot of blissy but i dont power them up. I got two main ones. Rest will be powered up when i become Richer in dust…just spent 120K on an 100 iv Tyranitar that i made my strongest Tyranitar.

I liked High cp blissy because i find it easily. Thats my main reason for liking High CP cause usually it’s my Go to and it always good to find something fast

Other than that ill be scrolling atleast 3-8 tiers or more of 3’s just to find a Blissy :man_facepalming:t4:



All 9 survived overnight.


Spearow sure are strong.
Watch the first pokemon anime episode.


I’m down to 6 now. Guess I need to go back out soon. Even though I already got my coins.


Your ekans evolved while it was defending? :astonished:


Must have been the CP change


Guess so… :thinking:


The Pikachu has been there for over a week because you can’t get there in a car. You have to walk up a steep hill.


Don’t you walk up that hill every day after work?


I do if I get knocked out. I kind of discourage local players because I’ll hit it in the morning or evening.