Drop your current defenders


How long is the walk


Short. Not far at all but it’s up a hill.


I wish to have a remote gym like that do that I could test how long my mon could stay there. :man_shrugging:


i have a light house :man_shrugging:t5:



I’ve already lost a Pikachu since I took this screenshot. (But I’ll take the gym back next time I go out. It’s already changed teams four times this morning.)


Only had 3 gyms left when I got up this morning.


No after work, I only have 6.




how many coins you got @bobbyjack8?


Been a long time since I haven’t gotten 50.


I had 9 gyms when I got home from work 90 minutes ago. Now I have 3.


How many coins total?


I got a tyranitar i expected to return but hasn’t :disappointed:this is when i wish i could withdraw my pokemon from a gym. Without emailing niantic(not that serious) but ofc if i could do it myself i would. 24 hours 1 mon? pretty useless for me…



Was in 20 Gyms 2 nights ago. This is what’s left after not engaging in any Gym action until later tonight :grinning:


I got 9 left from the 20 this morning.


20 mons, i would try to make some last two or 3 days


I was down to 1 left, but I just got a few back


Here’s how I look after Thanksgiving Dinner…