Drop your current defenders


Killing the special dudes? :cry:


4 didn’t survive the night.


Only got 8 right now, but I already got my 50 coins for today.


hey, what is the switch symbol do?


Was too tiered to post these last night.
3 back this morning already. 2 will go straight back in as I’ll be on the bike where they are today Dust Mining. I’ll just keep taking it back.


I was out with family today and couldn’t hit too many gyms. The switch symbol means my Go account is paired up with my son’s Switch. I have another mystery box I can’t open for another 6 days.






Wow, 19 at gyms at one time


That was taken last night after I’d taken the last one back for the day.
Lost a couple over night and did 3 on the way to work and got to 4th one that I’ve been waiting to get back into for awhile and found I was Maxed out 20 after I knocked it down :disappointed_relieved: By the time I got to work 10min later 2 had just been booted and were returning :roll_eyes:


I had 13 today, the most for me, now down to 9. I would still put my Pokémon at the golden gyms if there is open slot.


Stuffed up this afternoon and Maxed my count out again before I could take the last 2 I really wanted to be in as they are high turn over Gyms and every hour counts :man_facepalming:



Wow shiny Pinser looks dope


Just curious, what does GfodT mean?


Gym Fodder Trash.
Trash are ones that once fainted go to the Professor for Smoothies
I also have GfodK where K is Keep. I revive those for re-use.

After knocking a Gym down I just type Gfod for quick easy selection.


Until I do my final sweep through all current Pokémon, they are all trash.


I got it, I’m doing something similar too, but different naming method than you, if an attacker battles your GfodT or GfodK, will they see the actual name of the Pokémon or “GfodT” or “GfodK”?

By the way, those Vaporeon and Exeggutor have pretty good CP, their IV must be meh.


To be honest I don’t know what the Battler can see. I’ll get a friend to check and advise later.
I’ve got 6 better of each so they have to go. Most are in the 60-80% IV range.