Drop your current defenders


Maybe they changed it!!!


@Pokemon, remember you saw my Pokémon at the gym in the garden? What did you see on my Pokémon name?


@NotanotherKangaskhan no those are just weak Drats I don’t want to keep anymore.


Can’t remember.


Which raticate did u steal from Gary?



I do not care about letting location of my city o the internet, since I know some random dude is not going to drive or flying over here and knock on every door in a city with a population of 600k people.




Oh like @5GodLink


@iLikeCastform I killed Gary’s Raticate


Btw, in the anime how did Gary’s raticate die?


In the original game, you kill it Lavender Town, because he doesn’t have enough time to get it to a Poke Center.


Did ash kill it I the anime tho?


More than 1 gym is a lot for me… :joy:


@iLikeCastform I don’t think so.


Same for me, but only 550K in the Hague, Rijswijk and delft added up


Went on a Rampage after work. I lost 7 during the day.


I lost 17 at work today, but took 6 back.



I had 2 gyms left when I got off work. Now I have 13.