Drop your current defenders


I still got 5 without having done anything yet today. Already got coins from dead Pokémon too. I do need to get out and get Heatran, but I am sick right now.:disappointed:


Where you get so many finneon


Need to go out on a tear up later tonight and get the number back up again. Working a few harder ones over atm and getting them back constantly within 4-6hrs. I’ll test their commitment this weekend with some return visits.


I havent found any. But i have found one wild lumineon


Went out 4hrs to get ito a few more and just went back to take the one I said I would start testing their commitment.


Been home sick last 2 days and here is all I have left.


100% shuckle that oughta kick a lot of ass in gyms :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Just took a short trip around town and added 7 more gyms.


I put it in for a laugh as I expected to get it back in a couple of hours in that Gym.
It stayed for 2days :flushed::flushed::rofl::rofl:


My delibird stayed in a gyn and got 20 coins! :flushed:


I saw one level 40 player keeps dropping Delibird into gyms these couple days


I’m traveling around today, so I don’t have any defenders where I usually have them.


I’m at the point where if I can keep 1 of 2 certain ones until at least after midnight, I will get my 50 coins as soon as it goes down sometime tomorrow.


^^^my strategy worked and I got my coins. Now I have 3 and if any make it the next 90 minutes, I’ll get coins again tomorrow.


That is my strategy too, I have 4 left in gyms, hope any of them will make it past midnight


Just lost one of the 3.:expressionless:


Same here, 3 left


I have Dr appointment tomorrow at 10am. So I just leave early and lay a path of destruction across town and then another on my way back. Guaranteed if my 2 current gyms don’t pay off, I’ll still get my 50 coins tomorrow.


It’s after midnight and I kept 1 gym. It’s in a high traffic area, so my gamble will pay off. I bet when I wake up in the morning, I’ll have my 50 coins.


I still have 3