Drop your current defenders


But you still have 2+ hours to midnight, right?


Yes, cross my fingers to get 50 coins


I lost 3 out of 4 in last 2 hours before midnight. I was tempted to go back out and get 2 local ones back, but I know I’m going out in morning and going to take whole bunch of gyms down.


Yeah, no need to waste gas on a late night trip


Nope. Not when I already got coins for current day.


Some times those return trips are worth it on Gyms that are being worked on for Gold.
We had a pest in the local area that thought it was cool to scorch the earth in an area 1hr before midnight.
A collective group of us knocked him out as quick as he took them down a few nights in row. He got the msg and stopped that practice.

For those that might not know scorching the earth referees to taking every single Gym in an area. Not it just 2-3 but 8-10.

When I’m trying to Gold Gyms I do 2-3 in an area not the whole lot and rotate the Gyms in that area rather than do the same ones every day.


Woke up with no gyms, but 50 coins richer. So I tore through the town this morning…


I got 10 left with 4 and half hours left until midnight. How many do you guys think I’ll keep until then?


4 hours left and down to 7!


It’s really bad practice t for him to take those gyms 1 hr before midnight, I see two players take 1-2 gyms about 10-15 mins before midnight from time to time, they usually don’t do gyms at daytime


Drop some GRB if needed


On our local Discord, we have unwritten rule to not take down gyms after 11 unless asked to do so on kill gyms thread. Those that do, get outed as dirty player.


That’s good, your community is pretty well organized


Yeah it is nice. No Toxic environment like that article. We all work together no matter the color of your team.


It must be very fun to play on CD like that, you guys might host PvP tournament


On CD, most of us end up going to the local Civil War battlefield. Lots of stops and good spawns there


Where was the battle?
Like what city


Antietam in Sharpsburg, MD


Just lost 2 in the last 10min


Just three.