Drop your current defenders


Just 0 for me?


Just put 1



Stop showing off your lumineon


I have a finneon


Why do name all of your pokemon GfodT?



Gym Fodder.
T is for Trash that go to the Professor once booted and K is for ones I Revive and re-use.
I use that naming method as it’s quick and easy to call up the list for selection and also quick and easy when cleaning up the ones for transfer.
No Pokémon name starts with GF so that’s all I type in to find.



I ain’t got gyms.


@Brobraam cool Lumineon.


I said I just put one and it really happened




I put one more defender in the gym today.


This morning…

This evening after work…


Had 15 in the day, now down to 12


Had 8 before I left home to go work. Had 20 when I went I to work. Had 5 when I left work. Had 10 when I got home from work. Now I have 8.


You have MANY gyms


2 nights ago I was back to only 6. Fixed that up yesterday on the way home from work and Maxed out my 20 as I wasn’t counting leaving no opportunity to do the 2 I really wanted to do as they are getting close to Gold.
Didn’t make the same mistake tonight.