Drop your current defenders


Still got 12 on my day off. Which is down from 16 after I dropped kids off at school this morning.


Here is what my lineup looks like 10 hours later…




I just always use Snorlax and blisseys and my Slowking


50+ hours saddly wont get 100+ coins


Here is what I have left. Haven’t done any battles in a few hours.


Here is what I got after picking son up from school. We made someone use 10 gold raspberries on one of them and still took his gym. Ha!


Lol good job I hate when people keep healing


If I was by myself, I probably would have quit. But because my son was with me, he wanted to fight it out. He used his Melmetal the whole time.




Already got my coins and don’t plan to do a big offensive until tomorrow. Going back out for Daughter’s dance class and Son’s Cub Scouts, so I’ll take back the local gyms if need be.





When I got up this morning, I only had 2 gyms. Now I have 20.



Ended with 13 after getting a few back on my way home from work.


Got 10 of 13 still left. Most gyms in my area safe because of snowfall. Got my 50 coins today already though.