Do you have what it takes to be a Pokémon Master?


Everyone that became regular after november '18 is gone. That is strange.


Four days ago I received this message:

I have taken a look, but I have not seen any change in my trust level, so I ignored it.


Where can i sign up for the “Gym Elite” group?

11.005/10.000 Gym battles done.
39.518/10.000 Gym hours defended.
53/50 Gyms gold.



I did, too! And all I could find was that I degraded a trust level instead of promoted.


I’ll be setting up a d
Badge and post for this once I get it built.


2 days ago I had a choice of “regular” or “aficionado” next to my username. I chose “aficionado” because it sounded fancier :grin:. Now I’m offered the choice of “(none)” or “aficionado” - so it appears I have lost my “regular” status :disappointed:.
This is the only thing preventing me from applying for the sooper-dooper new Pokémon Master badge. Oh well… never mind…


Yeesh, these user ranks seem way too much of a hassle to maintain. I think I’ll be fine without them.


That is weird. I have checked, and you have met the requirements.

Edit: I’ve promoted you up to the Regular status again. I’m not sure why you weren’t anymore.

Edit 2: I see you are not the only one to who this happened. I’m fixing it now.

Edit 3: It appears to be a strange bug. For some people the requirements are not set correctly, so that might be why they’ve lost their Regular stats.

Edit 4: It should be fine now.


Cheers @Jormdeworm - you are a superstar! :star2::grinning:


@celery now you just have to show you have also met the other requirements in order to become a Pokémon Master.


Here you go… :grinning:



Meet most requirements except the Sinnoh gold badge because I am saving some final evolutions for their possible CD


Almost there @magoose6


10.759/10.000 Gym battles done.
69.905/10.000 Gym hours defended.
81/50 Gyms gold.


What’s better? Regular or Aficionado? lol

Also: I’m about 20K catches away.


@Autofan1985 @Robdebobrob please show us by posting screen shots. Also, I’m making a new topic right now where you can post the screen shots.


I have the screenshots. I’ll post them as soon as the new topic is there.



i’m still relatively new to this site, but i’ve done all that stuff just need to hit Trust 3. I almost have all the gold medals overall too!