Do you have what it takes to be a Pokémon Master?


Displayed both what it takes to be a trainer in PokemonGo and Forum. Gold badges for Kanto/Johnto/Hownn/Sinnoh; 50K catches; 1K hatches; 1K evolutions, all gold badges for type Pokémon types and Level 3 trust on the forums.

If you meet these requirements post screenshots here to earn your Pokémon Master badge


Almost done besides the 50k catches, Im halfway in lol
Can I replace it with 1k legendary raid battles?





Not sure what my trust level is. All I see is “member.”


Trust level 3 is Regular. Member is trust level 2.


Well, I guess I’m not a Pokemon Master. [shrug.]


Looks like I’ll be catching and hatching even more now. All I still need is 19.719 more catches and 284 more hatches, so that is very doable.


You’re almost. If you read a little bit more topics and give a little bit more likes, you are there.


Thanks for making this. This year’s target established. Hatched and badges will be possible in a year. But catches, I need to go nuts on that. Need just 33522 Pokemon.


I never liked the “likes given” requirement for Trust level 3. I wanna like something because its a good point or because its funny. Not to be trusted.

Almost ready for this challange though. Just 13 more Sinnoh evolves (ive got them but im lazy/saving up for com-days) and ~4k catches.


So @bobbyjack8 is a master


Well I need 15 000 more catches and 90 more hatches lol


looks like I lost my trust level 3… nevermind… I need some more catches anyway… :woman_shrugging:


If you can get me Trust L3, I can donate the needed hatches and catches, :stuck_out_tongue: I have way more then needed on the Pokemon Go badges, but just missing the Trust L3 here.


Probably the reason I haven’t reached it yet. Honestly no idea what’s needed elseway to get it though.


Turns out Im 30 eggs away from the gold medal, but I guess thats nothing when I only have 25k Pokemon


@bobbyjack8 is not because he doesn’t have trust level 3.


For me you are. To me the badges say more then the number of likes given on a forum.


What is trust level and how do you level up


That number is so low that it is insignificant.