Do you have what it takes to be a Pokémon Master?


I don’t even know the numbers, what else is needed and how close I am. Same as probably many others the L3 requirement is the only thing I’m missing.


@Autofan1985 you need to look in ten more topics you’ve never looked in and need to visit the forum five more days to get to Trust level 3 is what I can see.


You only need to give 30 likes, but I get what @Robdebobrob means. If you give likes just to get to Trust level 3, I can not call it a ‘like’ at all, even though it is. Tbh to become a Pokémon Master you should not have to give likes.



But 30 likes in 100 days. It ain’t so boring or dull here that you “have” to like stuff.


It’s like in real life… You can be the best Shoemaker of the world, but for to be a Master you have to share your knowledge with others.
Here it seems good for me that you have to interactuate with other players if you want to be Master.

Sniff, for me it will be still a long way, I need 26k more catches.


It’s actually 30 likes in 120 days now.


Tnx @Jormdeworm. Are those days consecutive? In the meanwhile I’ll look into some more old topics. :slight_smile:


It’s 120 day periode, but you don’t need to be on the forum each day.
But you have visit at least 50% of days.


I think I reached the needed 10 topics, so now it’s just being 5 more days on the forum. :slight_smile:
About the badges: here they are.

EDIT: Dex entry nr 486 is on it’s way. Only missing Uxie now, but the trade for it is planned!


@Jormdeworm am I LV3???




I can answer that. You are not.
On your profile you can see your trust level. Yours is member and that is a 2.


I accept that challenge.:sunglasses:


To clear things up, one of the requirements of trustlevel 3 is this:
“Must not have been suspended or silenced”

It also states this:
“unlike other trust levels, you can lose trust level 3 status.”


As far as I know I never have been. Let’s hope it stays that way. :stuck_out_tongue:


I could but i dont think it is fair to make someone a regular if they havent been before. I also put @Jormdeworm back in his leader status becouse he somehow lost that status but still was moderator lol

More persons lost their status overnight last two days?


We had around 40 Regulars and have 16 left.


Because of lower activity? If that is not the case maybe Thorend might be able to see what happend.


It is probably because the requirements of becoming a Regular have changed.