Do you have what it takes to be a Pokémon Master?


To reach trust level 3, all you have to do is to read 112 more topics.


Nice! I’m finishing the Great league medal in about 5 days and after that only the normal raid medal and Smeargle will take some time (didn’t realise on GoFest how easy it could have been there to get it gold). But opposite to that I can throw in a gold Unown medal. :wink:


Done both, but probably I missed something on the way. :slight_smile:


You have trust level 3, I see.


Strange I can’t see that by myself.Also didn’t get a notification of it. Trust level here still shows regular lika a week ago.


Regular is trust level 3.


Did you noticed that you are a Pokemon Master for 7 days already?


I did, which I couldn’t understand neither, cause I should need 5 more days on the forum for Trust L3.


Maybe the values were adjusted.


That is right. On the same they, Discourse changed the requirements.


It’s timr they update the trust level info page then.


Ah, that explains. Tnx!


It’s been a while, but I took a peek again, and I think I’d now meet all requirements.




I “just” need 13 k catches lol


Only 7 000 catches to go. I think I’ll reach it in June


I have 7185 catches yet to go. Let’s see who gets to the 50k catches first! :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably you lol. I don’t grind as much as I used to


I still need a 15000 catches… :man_facepalming:


I only have 900 more catches to go. I should be there this Wednesday.


I’m going fast with all those catches. But I think it will take months to finish.