Best 100 IV in your squad?


Or Snorlax but its worth a mention as the may return and players can be better prepared for it by then.


Yeah I don’t get why they replaced it with Charizard


Made me sad as I’ve been chasing Lapras Raids hard the last 3 weeks to get a very good one since I learnt I could pummel them using the four Family accounts with Machamp Battle squads. I didn’t get the 98 or 100% I was was looking for. I got 98% ones for 2 of the Family accounts but best I could manage for myself was 93% with 14 Attack and a 91% with 15 Attack.
They should have just included Charizard as an extra and not removed Lapras.


Proud to anounce That my list of 100% iv Pokemon is extended. I now have a 100% swablu


Lapras is soo good. My pokemon go username is “BossLapras33”


Charizard is boosted by the Windy weather, that’s why he’s a raid boss


I know but it’s a horrible choice


Best Of the Bunch!