Best 100 IV in your squad?


This bad boy (but only once I evolve it)


I have a 100% beldum that I should be able to make a metagross by about the year 2025 if my current egg luck continues


Wish i had a 100IV i only got a 91%


I just hatched a 100% beldum, I’ve also hatched perfect Sudowoodo, baltoy, swinub, voltorb and totodile. The only perfect raid boss I’ve caught was a charmeleon, but I had a 100% suicune run from me. My last perfect is a cacnea that I lured at a weather boosted level 32


No 100IVs yet…


I caught an 100 Beldum yesterday


i have 5 100IVs dragonite ONE is more higher cp but genrelly they will all be

All 3000+


And another one today


I got 20 plus 100IV
3 hatched
Torchic Wynaut and togepi
Rest were caught wild
Got a maxed out to lvl 40 gyarados, rhydon and machamp


I think I have like anywhere from 10-30


currently at 37 x 100%IV.

My personal favorite is my Snorlax i got from a raid recently. It was mewtwo wave day in my city and snorlax was the 15th or 16th raid i did that day, with that raid being the last one.

I started playing PoGo from the moment it was available but after all that time my best snorlax was only 82%. When i found out it was 100% i was beyond happy.

My bést 100% though? Vaproreon, jolteon, gyarados, aggron, gardevoir, Golem or Rhydon,… Guess Golem if I have to pick one.


One of the most rare ones might be my 100% pichu wearing an ash hat!
My most useful one is my 100% Tyranitar caught from a raid.


There is a 1 in 6^3 Chance of obtaining a 100% iv from a raid or an egg or or 1 in 216 becouse there are 216 different possibilities when minimum iv in a stat is 10 and the maximum is 15, and there are there stats existing for a Pokemon to Be boosted by IV’s. (HP/stamina, Attack, defense).

Or percentage wise, just under 0,5% (0,46%)


I have a 100 IV Rhydon and a 100 IV Crocanaw that I got from a raid.


I thought you said your highest IV is your 91 percent?


My bagon who i turned into Salemence is 91% i wish it was 100.

I got many 100% who i never even listed.


My 100% team
Aggron (3 of them)

I have well over 100 perfect IV poke, these just stand out to me as they always get recommended for raids and battles in general.


Finally added a 100 machop to the squad…not sure he will be my best (I have 100 kyogre and ttar from raids), but he’ll be very useful


A Battle squad of big Machamps are some of the most useful in the game.
Big Blissey and Snorlax are punching bags and easy to remove from Gyms if you’ve got a couple.
Tyranitar, Snorlax, Laparas and Aggron Raid Bosses are easy take downs with 3-5 people with good Machamps.
A very worthy investment of Start Dust and Candy.


There’s no more Lapras raids