Best 100 IV in your squad?


A few weeks before the trackers went down I decided to stop using them to chase after 100s. I decided to transfer all of the perfects I’d gotten through the trackers, which ended up being 31 pokemon. I don’t regret it because it makes every perfect that much more special. I don’t care about others who use them it’s just my personal thoughts. (And I still have 18 that I’ve gotten through raids, eggs, lures, or randomly)


Your right all of my legendary 100s have gotten away. It’s unfortunate but it just give me all the more drive to keep looking for them. Somehow I don’t have luck with legendaries. I do get 98 and 96 legendaries though.


Trackers can’t get you 100% legendaries lol. Strictly RNG


My only noteable ones are two Groudon(from second wave of them during the weather war event) and a slowbro


I finally got another 100% iv mon


100% trapinch


I am aware of this.


I have 100 IV Venusaur, My Favorite pokemon and ready for Mega Venusaur :joy:
Got 100 IV Magnetone too and ready for Magnezone in gen 4
I keep my 100 IV male Kirlia for gen 4 to evolve it to Galade :grin:


My only other 100 Pokémon are plusle luvdisc and raichu


I actually have quite a few, but they’re all trash. Like, 100% IV Rattata, and 100% IV Pidgey. There is one OK one. It is a 100% IV Magikarp.


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