Best 100 IV in your squad?


For me Lapras and Flareon because they are useful (for me at least)


Is there a way to pinpoint IV without risking ban? I’ve been making do with imprecise trainer-evaluation clues (which seem to narrow the IV down to 4 categories, at best - needs help, decent, strong, and really battle with the best).


IV Calcy and Pokegenie


Much obliged.


I seem to be on some sort of hot streak in the last week


New best 100 IV I think


2 Dragonites - cp 3070 and 2046
Machamp - cp 2682
Metang - 897 (Metagross, here I come)
Update: got a 100% Magicarp in yesterday´s raid :wink:

Not many but useful ones. I tend not to look at the IVs of useless or very small 'Mons, so I might have missed some.


100 Metagross :heart_eyes:

Yeah I’d say I’ve definitely missed a 100 IV pidgey or weedle at some stage


Your lairon is almost a higher cp than my aggron :joy:


I got a 100% Chikorita the other day in the wild. Thats my current best one.


5 100 IV dragonites
2 100 IV alakazam
1 100 iv tyranitar


My best team of six 100% ‘mon for stomping gyms would be: Tyranitar, Dragonite, Machamp, Golem, Lugia, Gyrados


Wish i had a 100 iv legendary


Kid has a IV 67% (10/10/10) Lugia - that´s just as rare :rofl:


I cant really decide what is my best?
My most useful is my 100% Tyranitar and army of 100% Machamps. Once powered up my recently caught during the Dratini event Dragonite will join that useful group.
From a collectors point my best could possibly be my 100% Entie.


This might be a stupid question and please forgive me… but how do I check my iv’s for my pokemon? :see_no_evil:


Open the mon, tap the button in lower left corner and select “appraise” (you must already be in a team to do so)

This tells you approximate percentage, which stat is the highest, and approximetly how high is it
For more detailed info, use CalcyIV (Android) or PokeGenie (iOS)


Thanks, I appreciate that!


1 100% Linoone


The best I ever caught was there houdt ago, a Magikarp. But I also have a 100% raichu, linoone, skiploom, mightyena, ivysaur, roselia and glalie