Best 100 IV in your squad?


If you say so


Im actually a little offended you think im a spoofer because of my line up. Since that would make me one of the worst spoofers ever. What sorry excuse of a spoofer only has a single drag and ttar? Not to mention regionals.


I was reffering to the army of level 30+ Golem


I live in Australia. I dont even need to tell you how often when have sunny/clear weather. Also partly cloudy weather isnt rare either.


Thats neat, all we have here is cloudy


I would love to have more cloudy weather. Still havent got a gardevoir and i wouldnt mind more machamps.


Found a 98% level 35 Ralts right in front of my house, but thats like the only great catch Ive had with this weather


I managed to get a low level ralts but i only have 12 candy :cry:


Sucks that she doesnt have a fast fairy-type move


Yeah but she would be too good if she did tho. Confusion still hits like a truck tho. But mostly she just looks awesome.


Careful…for some reason we can’t call out spoofers here even though the hub is supposedly anti-spoofing without getting a warning

It doesn’t matter how blatantly obvious it is that someone spoofs…for the record I’m not referring to anyone in this particular discussion, just speaking from experience


Just stumbled upon this in my resent catches


I got a 100% iv corphish


Forgot to add my 100% Sunflora - he’s such a happy little chap!


1 eletrabuzz i hatched from an elekid and 1 skitty i hatched about a week ago


I like to power up 1 of my 100% Pokemon once every time I go to the gym. Here’s my progress!


Bird Jesus?


I like that idea :slight_smile:


That 100% pilloswine all ready for gen 4


Yup thats good for Mamoswine