Best 100 IV in your squad?


my current squad. next project is my geodude.


I have a 100% electodbuzz that I got from a 100% elekid hatch. I have a bunch of 98%, but no others


100IV TTar, level 37



Why clear their names?


Being a uni student gives me a lot of free time. :grin:

And this guy. Forgot to name him so he didnt show up in the search. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have a 100 Rhydon and a Croconaw


I finished the full squad of 6 last night after finding a weather boosted L32 Machop on the Map 20min drive from work. I broke my own rule of not going below 1Mil Dust to Max them out.


Why never go below 1 million? That’s like throwing your first million stardust in the trash. It’s the most valuable resource in the game.


Its just nice to have a stockpile. I dont go below 1 mil as well. Because it never feels good being out of stardust. Also i dont like It when i tap on a mon and see my dust below 1 mil because its a little depressing. And it makes me feel poor. :joy:




TheBonaCycle hit the nail on the head.
It’s a bit of a game and test of will power to only use it if really needed for some like I just did.
Unless I get a very good Mewtwo next Thursday there wont be any Dust spent for a few weeks until I’m well over 1Mil again.
The Machamp squad was so I can do Tyranitar Raids with the Families other 3 accounts on my own. All the big Machops were caught on their accounts also but were left at evolved CP not Powered Up. The gaps were filled with some lover IV L30 with 15 Attack.


i know people who don’t spend any startdust and have over 6 mil. They only evolve powerup mons above level 28 (to save dust) and with super IV’s. I get that having a backup is nice but this is silly IMO. However, to each how they play.


Will y’all stop bragging about what you caught by spoofing? Or do you want to see my 60+ “legit” 100IV Mons?


Bad luck I don’t Spoof like you and I will post what every I like.
I do use the local Map which I’ve made no secret about that has IVs for certain Pokemon on a rotational basis.


Me looking at that squad


Am i missing something here? is he a confirmed spoofer or is just everyone assuming he spoofed since got that many 100’s? There is also a known thing called tracker sites.


And dont even get me started on @TheBonaCycle
Like, you spoof? Fine, as long as you dont brag about what you caught by just writing coordinates into your game nobody really cares


Sorry, for getting almost “mad”, I just saw TheBonaCycle’s “legit” collection and thought I might as well hit two on the same time, but lll admit it was an overreaction for just 7-9 100IV Mons (trackers are against ToS as well, but whatevs nobody cares about those)
I spoof on my “spoof-test” account, to see what can you do without getting banned, not on my main btw


Im not a spoofer. Im just lucky enough to live in a city with two tracking sites. Also i dont even have anything crazy. Theres plenty of other legit players in my community who have way better stuff.