Adventure sync - Rewards


Got a 10K egg out of it this morning, spent three days worth of gym coins to get an incubator for it.


Two 5Km eggs🤔


This counts to my :egg: Collections thanks to adventure sync.

poke genie app is very :+1:.


And the second time 2x 5km eggs and 1500 Dust, no Sinnoh Stone


Battle a lot. Got a Sinnoh stone even when I lost. It’s quicker than this.


@bagguille, wow, you walked 290+ km last week, 41+ km a day, amazing.


I’m battling with my friend in the last three days for at least 4 times each day, and we got exactly 8x dust and 1 stone each. I don’t call this more easy than walking.


1 stone in three days is more than 7 in zero days


For me there’s a difference…
I walk because I like to walk, not for to get a stone.
I fight only for getting a stone, because I don’t like to fight.


Yesterday morning they gave the rewards, in this moment I have 65 km in my account…
Maybe it would be better to add a fourth with 100km, and a fifth with 200km?


Not really. You yourself say you get most of that distance from drifting. Wouldnt really be fair to reward that with even better rewards.


Your right, but I don’t think that I’m the only one with this effect, much more all of us. :grinning:







Don’t have Adventure Sync on, most I’ve walked with game on is only a bit over 5 km


The 10km egg got by the Sync this morning has given me:


I didn’t know that was from 10ks


I caught a wild one today too, how is the IV?


Quite bad… 78%