Adventure sync - Rewards


Caught my second one today


Kinda given up on the rewards. No more good chances at Riolu.


I didn’t even make it to 25km this week. Too many stinking hot days and Family things on hampered play time.


I’m only at 19.4 km so far this week. But I’ve been on vacation and been sick the whole week.


I have 192km in this moments, let’s see how much it will be tomorrow.


Sitting at 17.4 km right now. I should take the car less often I guess.


27.8 now, wont hit 50 this week.


Just went over 80. Hatched a lot of eggs from old incubators trying to get something interesting. Best so far was a shiny Togepi.




Don’t forget 1pm PST, that’s in about 3,5 hours, Half Hatch Distance starts. Don’t forget to wait with putting eggs in incubators until it is time.

I hope that I will get a good 5k egg this time. 2 weeks a go it was crappy.


38km this week


Got it just over 25k this week. I can’t see myself making 50k for quite a few weeks/months.


Got my riolu


This weeks 10km egg has given me a Shinx, really ridiculous that this is in the list of posible rewards.


I got the 50k up this week and had an Egg spot free yesterday so got my 10k Egg for the first time I’ve made the 50k mark.
Hatched a throw away Shinx from it last night.


Got my riolu


Didn’t get 5k this week


I haven’t hit 50km last 5 weeks, but still get 25km each time.


I’ve hit 50 km very regularly since I’m quite active, and when I remembered to have an egg space, I got 10 km eggs each time. Other times, I got Rare Candy.


I rarely get rare candy. Mostly eggs.