Adventure sync - Rewards


It seems to prioritize eggs when you have a spot open in your egg box.


Yes it does, i never get rare candy unless no spots.


No 10kg Egg for me this week, just a pair of crudy 5kg :rage:


I try to have only one egg slot available to try to avoid 5 km eggs. I have that set for mine when it trips tomorrow morning and I only have 8 eggs at the moment. Hoping to get a 10 km egg for sure so I can potentially hit 1 million Stardust tomorrow. Only need 50,000 more.


I had 3 egg spots available. At 11pm I had no Eggs spots so after doing some Gyms I went for a walk to complete the 1.2km needed to open the spot up. Feeling a bit cheated for the effort I went to.
It’s way too much work trying to make sure only 1 Egg spot is available then not spin stops so I’ll just go back to leaving it up to luck from now on.


Fair enough.


210 km walked, got balls and dust, and 10km and 5 km egg.


Are 10km > 5km? i usually get 5Km when i have only 1slot open


I got 10 km egg! I had 1 free slot.


For once I got a 5 km egg LOL


it never hurts to play it safe and have two slots🤷🏾‍♂️

I got my 5km and 10km


Got a 5k this week


Got 5Km and 10Km hoping for 5th Riolu! 100% please


Got only a 5km. It was bad week. GPS errors, Adventure sync giving me less then with the game open, and even that was bad.

Today the GPS looked somewhat better, but I don’t know yet.


I keep getting Eggs from stops before I even hatch one, so I keep getting not any Eggs from Adventure Sync. :sob:


Bad planning, I wait with spinning until 9am


But I get Eggs that replace old ones that haven’t even opened.


I don’t do that because I usually only play Monday morning and otherwise I’ll miss my Stamp each Monday.


Got Ralts


Mine will hatch tomorrow. 2.7km to go. But I’m not going out anymore today.