Adventure sync - Rewards


Mainly Silver Pinap berries today. Not complaining.


Only got 17km up this week. Not much effort put in and this week will be much the same or less.


Barely made it to 5km. No walks last week :nauseated_face:


There’s no incentive to walk the 50k’s as a 10k Egg can hatch any old Junk now apparently. The given Riolu or Shinx is no longer according to some on my local Discord that claim to have hatched Junk from their 50k 10k Egg.


Is Riolu possibly hatched from 7km egg now?


It is.


2 5km eggs… I think this will have been the last time i avoid spinning stops for a day to make sure i got egg room.


I got the 10km and the 5


Gonna no eggs, but that was planned. But no stone. Got 3 Silvers.


Like the silver Pinaps.


Adventure Sync can reward Sinnoh Stones?


It once did.


Or I’m just confused with the 7 day streak.


I think so. I’ve never heard somebody getting a Sinnoh Stone from Adventure Sync. But even then it might still be possible. I got Rare Candy for the first time ever today.


didnt walk the 50, only got 5km egg. Oh well.


I fell short by 600m making the 25k mark this week.


I haven’t made the 50km mark in months, but haven’t missed 25km yet


Got 3 Rare Candy this week


Got one candy too. But it’s not the first time.


I never get rare candy