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Talk about ideas and problems a bout Adventure Sync and it’s rewards here.

Adventure sync - Rewards
Adventure sync - Rewards

I want possibily of sinnoh stone


Sounds good. The RNG.


I love the amount of PokeBalls the AS gives, but I also don’t, because I have to delete items to spin PokéStops.


A nice feature i tried to get before was the ability to spin stops regardless of items bag full. Pokestops just for xp🤷🏾‍♂️


What RNG means? I just don’t know it yet, seen it a lot here in the forum :grinning:


RNG = Random Number Generator


My only question is how it counts the walking. The Google fit app got me 9,85km made yesterday. I didn´t open the game until the evening (shopping in the streets).
When i opened it, it got 3,32km registered. But, the egg just got 2,5km since it was missing 220 meters to hatch and it had 2.3km the night before.
The rewards are fine.


Only some logical conclusions (I don’t know how PoGo works inside):

  • hatching eggs was working before this reward-system. PoGo was counting kilometers with information fetched from GPS (resting allways moves made too fast).
  • Google Fit shows you on a little map movements you’ve made, but not the whole day, only the most important activities
  • on the PoGo screen is shown the overall kilometers since last time rewards were given, the steps made since then, and the energy burnt with the activity.

And now a personal example, which shows that this data NOT is equal.
In this moment I have active the three reward steps and the app tells me that I have moved 50.3km. More down it tells me that I made 19927 steps and burnt 2737 calories.
Looking inside Google Fit it tells me that I walked in this three days 18,62 kilometers.

18,62 kilometers and 19927 steps could be equal, but are not the same than 50.3 kilometers.

Well, when I’m at home I use the drifting error of GPS and this way I’m hatching eggs, but I’m shure that Google Fit will not count any step during this time.


Maybe silver pinap should be added to RNG adventure sync rewards. I rarely get a task for it.

  • Yes add silver pinap to rng reward
  • Yes add silver pinap alongside other rewards
  • No silver pinap

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I have around 80 Silver Pinap and I really don’t know where to use them on. Atm they’re only taking up space.


Yesterday I got my rewards and couldn’t spin stops. But at least I had gotten 10 presents to give out before then.