Adventure sync - Rewards


That sinnoh stone tho


I got a 5km Egg this time. Does this Egg give better rewards too, like the 10km Adventure Sync Egg does?


No, I don’t thinks so.


Maybe a new topic for the ‘Researchers, Unite’ section then.


Haven’t noticed anything special.


It’s my second so far.




And there’s still anybody who interprets a Bulbasaur as a special reward???

I understand that there are allways newbies, but for the rest that is *****


Maybe a higher shiny rate for those eggs?


for example… anything different to what they are giving


They changed more in the game. Got a silver pinap research quest. So we will have to let time so it’s thing and let us figure out what more is changed.

Update: The task is: Power Up a Pokemon 10 times. The reward: 3 silver pinaps.

Though it seems new, it’s on here:


Yes, I’ve done it two times… and now I have 16 Silver Pinapples, and I don`t know when to use them (with reason, because using them in every moment… no problem)


That was one of the new tasks for December 2018.


Must have overlooked it. But the reward of silver pinaps in Adventure sync is new right?


i have had that quest task for a while now.


In Adventure Sync it’s new, but as an Investigation in what are given by PokeStops, it’s some days old.


Fell short of my 50k this week by 7km :disappointed:.
Cut my bike ride short by 2hrs Sunday as it was clear sky and too hot out there for the 90min I was on it.


I just got at last minute today, but I missed it last week by 1.3 Km.


Silver pinap from Adventure Sync is newly added


I got 8 of them today