Adventure sync - Rewards


More dust would be nice 50Km walked shouldnt be rewarded with 2K dust. Not everyone lives in warm climates. 5K to 10K would be amazing. I got pokeballs again? what kinda lame reward is this…if i can walk 50Km+ don’t you expect me to have enough pokeballs🤷🏾‍♂️

Let alone i don’t get rare candies all the time and if you don’t keep space for two eggs then you don’t get neither.

More dust would be God sent.


I agree with @Branebs the reward for 50+ should be guaranteed 10KM egg and rare candy and atleast 10K or more dust.

I have had weeks where i walked 200+ Km and the reward is actually unrealistic. Most trainers who play alot will get unsatisfied with this🤷🏾‍♂️


Walking that long isn’t as easy as it seems. I mean, we all have lives. lol

I think at least 10K (perhaps more) is fine, especially since it’s once a week. It’s not like you’d be getting it daily. That and, as I pointed out before, dust goes VERY quick once you hit level 36 or so. I’m at 38 and 100K is nothing.


Especially in colder parts of the world. When even the game itself says pokemon don’t like this weather. 10Km only have two spieces anyways not a big deal.(Riolu/Shinx)

Dust gets blown like…dust any high amount will never be enough but 2K+Pokeballs is a slap to the face. Bonus or no Bonus…make it seem like a Reward that you earned. That’s the point i believe @Branebs was trying to get across.


I just feel like walking 50K in a week is a pretty big accomplishment and should be rewarded as such. Most, if not all, of us have jobs, are in school, or both. I’m a very active person, but hitting 50K takes actual effort.

I work 40+ hours a week, am back in school (getting that second degree! :D), and have a healthy social life. I’m sure I’m not alone there. lol

Anyway. Point is: The 50K reward is not something easily obtained so it wouldn’t “break the game” or be unfair to have a healthier reward.


Adventure sync counts kilometers even when the game is shut so should pick up steps if you keep your phone on you while walking around the office, house etc. Yes 50kms is a distance but the rewards are a kind of stretch target.

Probably a good time to get back on topic & perhaps split this part of the discussion to another thread.


Here : Adventure Sync - Discussion


Maybe they are about the same and we have to join them? :joy:


i forgot to keep two slots open an only got a 5Km egg🤦🏽‍♂️


@5GodLink, I like your able to admit this fault, and I’m shure your not the only one to whom has happend this


I had space then accidentally spun, then slept and bam no 10Km egg for me. I am not afraid to share my mistakes. :man_shrugging:t5:

Oh well next week !


I was good this week, but did mess up last week. Collected gifts with egg slots left … filled two spots with 7K eggs without even thinking about it. lol

Shame too, I’m usually really good about waiting to do gifts when my eggs are all full.


Ive made that mistake last week. Learned from it and kept 3 spaces open this week. Didnt matter, only a 5km egg was given :frowning:


It seems that several players here like me made the same mistake last week about opening gifts with egg slots opened and not able to collect 5km or 10km from Adventure Sync. The egg hatched a Togepi.


I don’t have to worry about Gifts but I’ve never got free egg spots come time as I’m always spinning stops whenever I can.
I’ll just let chance and luck take its course with this.
It’s easy for me to say that while I already have 2 Riolu


I haven’t hit 50 km the last 2 weeks. Weather sucks here. I came close on Monday. 49.2 km. :expressionless:




38 items this week, but I got two 5km eggs… :japanese_ogre: and that after 238 km walking.


Not a bad morning. :grin: Had no egg space btw.


I just barely hit my 50km for the week with 15 minutes to spare…:disappointed_relieved: