Adventure sync - Rewards


Stardust is like gold. We need more of it to power up our Pokemon and to trade.


To be fair, 15K dust goes pretty quickly. lol


that only gets you 2 Power Ups when somewhere around L37


I seriously hope the 100k was sarcastic because this is absolutely ridiculous.

Yes stardust is the most precious consumable in the game.
Yes i want more.
No i do not want to earn more stardust just by walking then most players even earn in a week by playing!

This comes down to the usual “i got a good idea but i want to get more then realisticly would be good for gameplay”. More dust for adventure sync is good, but don’t get overboard please.

Just think about your comparison to gold. If you get a clump of gold every week for free, do you think it would be worth anything after a while? gold would become worthless.


That’s why I said between 10,000 and 100,000. And yes, I want more. I got many Pokemon to power up to level 40 and new Pokemon are coming. And trading requires stardust. Maybe in the future something else will require stardust. So it’s never enough.


If you seriously think rewarding players with 100k dust every week for doing nothing else but walking you are really going to hurt this game with those ideas. Ever heared of BALANCE? you are meant to make choises how to spend your dust, not just yolo powerup every freaking 'mon you catch just because you can.
Don’t answer, i don’t wanna know anymore, 'cause i’m out. I can’t deal with these stupid ideas anymore.


Jeez, someone needs anger management. :man_shrugging:


you need some common sense regarding QoL ideas, that’s all


He makes a valid point. Just doesnt bring it very well…
I agree that 100k would be to much, but the 15k we got at the start seemed perfect to me. Its enough to seem lika alot, but not so much that you break the game by allowing someone to level its pokemon by 10 levels.


And I literally wrote

I’d be happy to get any amount from 10,000 to 100,000. Now, here’s why 100,000 for me is the right amount: I don’t always walk 50 km a week and when I do I want a proper reward. It’s too cold outside now. And some people get 100,000 stardust in a day. I can’t. I don’t have many spawns, Pokestops, Gyms. I can’t do raids higher than tier 3. I don’t get Pokecoins because nobody takes over my Gyms. I can’t buy incubators to hatch eggs. My stardust income is very limited. So from my point of view I need more stardust. 100,000 once a week isn’t too much for me. For others it may be, but not for me.


Stardust is more pletiful already with training coming back


@Punica, please, don’t be angry because someone has an idea you can’t accept (I neither), but’s his idea and I can live with the most strange ideas the people have, allways they don’t get real, hihi


People can dream. I don’t expect Niantic will give us 100,000 stardust, they are notorious for giving us something as a reward and then taking it away (100 pokecoins for defending Gyms per day :arrow_lower_right: 50 pokecoins when your Pokemon gets kicked out per day). But your attitude is something I don’t understand. It’s like you work for Niantic and don’t want to help players. What a shame.


??? Try to pick the button to response to a person, or use his name in the message. This way nobody knows to whom you are responding


@bagguille I am responding to all the people who have that attitude: don’t give players what they need it will ruin the game for us who are privileged to have it all.


And if you can get everything too easy it will ruin the game too.


@Jormdeworm I agree it shouldn’t be too easy. But in this case it should be way better reward than it currently is for walking 50+ km. It doesn’t have to be 100,000 stardust (that’s the upper limit), it can be 50,000 or 20,000. That would be a great incentive for players to walk more and reach 50+ km. And Niantic would like that. Everybody wins.


@Branebs, mmmh, don’t know what to think. Shurely everybody is free to dream. But Niantic giving everything players ask for will not do any good to the game. The games need a longterm strategy, if not, in three month you are in the meta and everything has finished. I’m not an enterprise, I not even work, so I have to live with what they are giving for free.
But that isn’t the point. I try to analyze to see whats the best, so we will have a loooong way to play this really nice game. So we need a balance between rewards and the difficulty to reach the meta.
And exactly there we are, between dreaming to get 100.000 dust for walking and the reality that the game hasn’t to be too easy.


@bagguille I’m open for a nice civilized discussion. I just don’t like when people attack me.
Stardust is going to be crucial now when PvP is on the way and city players will have advantage there. Niantic is the one who should create balance. There should be better reward system for adventure sync. People hated when Niantic decided to remove guaranteed Sinnoh stone and nobody said it was too easy to get new evolutions every week. But getting larger amount of stardust every week (again it doesn’t have to be 100,000 I wrote anything between 10,000 and 100,000) that will ruin the game somehow?


@Branebs, nooo ,you are quite right. I never like when people are attacking people. Allways it has to be an exchange of arguments, whithout angriness.
And in this case, yes we need something in exchange for what we are doing. The same if it is for walking, catching or fighting.