Adventure sync - Rewards


free items for doing what you always do is indeed useless…
It sucks, but they are free items, get over it.


when the only egg useful is 10Km…it’s pretty useless getting a 5Km and no rare candy.


95 km walked:

20 pokeballs
10 great balls
5 ultra balls
5 km egg
500 stardust.

They never should have nerfed the stardust, and defenitly not by that much.


Gifts on a daily basis give me like 200 dust each for 4,000 dust total and this gives 500 dust once a week if you walk 50km… what???


At least my 10km egg has hatched as a Riolu


That is good


Since this the only way to get Riolu, you would think it would be almost a given to receive a 10Km egg but noo…not even rare candy. :’(


I’m excited about this too. I try and walk about at least five or more kms but I always get the five km reward. For me it’s 20 Pokéballs.


Recieved my 10KM egg. Super incubating :fried_egg:


I didn’t get 10 km egg for walking 50+ km. And the amount of stardust is ridiculous.


For doing what we normally do I’ll take anything.


67 kms and 0 eggs 0 rare candies




80 something km. 5km egg. better luck next time.


You running marathons when you play @Robdebobrob ?
How many pairs of shoes are you wearing out Playing Pokemon Go?


Isn’t so much, I make every week more than 100km, two weeks ago it was 180.

But really bad are the changes in the rewards.


I just got 2 5km eggs for the first time… Hope I could hatch a Golden Goose that could lay more eggs :rofl:


It should be guaranteed to get 10 km egg and rare candy after 50+ km and at least 10,000 stardust (but 100,000 would be the right amount).


Got a 5K and a 10K egg this week. Looking forward to that 10K egg hatching. :smiley:


100.000 dust for just walking? why not 1 million while you’r at it?

100k is WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much. Even the 15k dust is doubtfull.